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We are not Oracle Resellers and are not selling Oracle Software. We are offering a DBA service. You must have an eDelivery Account to use our service and you must comply with all of the rules and regulations that come with that account. Go to "How It Works" for more detail.

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Oracle Financials R12 Training

Now that you have your own instance you are wondering what to do next. if you are like most people you are finding the world of Oracle Applications a tough world to get a hold of. Well, look no further, you have come to the right place. We have over 17 years of experience implementing Oracle Application for various Fortune 500 companies as well as startups and mid-sized companies in various industries and countries.

Our vast experience has provided us with a broad understanding of the Oracle Financials from a functional and technical perspective. Our training is unique in that you will implement a fictious company from start to finish. We will do all the set up as if you are setting up a company from scratch based on business requirements as well as complete User Acceptance testing (UAT) and finally go through a month-end close to provide you with with a through understanding of the accounting, system integration and business processes of the Oracle Financials Modules.

This unique approach along with actual hands-on experience using your own Oracle instance will be nore valuable than simply watching videos or reading training materials. You will be doing hands-on work in every step of the training process so that you will gain a deeper understanding of Oracle Financials from the perspective of an Oracle consultant implementing the product on the client site.

Upon completion of this training, a first time student should be able to participate in their first Oracle Financials implementation for a small to mid-size company with confidence in their abilities and knowledge from this training. With this training, coupled with the fact that you will have your own Oracle instance, you can always refesh your skills and examine more advanced topics as your knowledge increases.

Modules Covered

Topics covered for each module:

Sample Documentation:

Setup User Scripts Training


As you know, Oracle Applications training can cost thousands. The logic behind that is that Oracle consultants command very salaries and qualified individuals are in high demand. Learning Oracle Applications in any capacity is a great career enhancement. With that said, you can expect to pay huge sums of money for training. However, trying to find good quality training at reasonable prices can prove to be a daunting task.

At William Delaney Consulting we strive to provide the most comprehensive training at the most reasonable prices. Training per module for Oracle Applications can cost thousands. If you were to receive training from Oracle Corporation, the cost would be over thirty (30) thousand dollars or more. If you were to purchase training from other third-party training providers, you would still pay several thousand dollars. In each of these cases, you would not be provided with your own instance for hands on-training to keep after the training is over. Our training will provide with your own instance for hands-on training and follow-up after the training is complete.

The pricing for training for all 12 modules plus closing documents plus your own instance is:

That is approximately $160 per module excluding the $650 for the oracle instance. That is an excellent value for quality training. Let's recap what you get:

If you are like me, you have searched the web for Oracle Financial Application training and have found that most of the training provided charges much more for a whole lot less. Most training consist of training manuals only and do not cover set up. Nearly all of them will not provide you with your own instance for hands-on experience which is the logic for us providing the instance in the first place.

Delivery Date

We are currently in the process of putting together all of the documentation for delivery. We will release modules as they become available. The pricing per module will be slightly more than the ~$160 per module price for the complete set. If you would like to be notified as training becomes available, join our mailing list below:

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