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We are not Oracle Resellers and are not selling Oracle Software. We are offering a DBA service. You must have an eDelivery Account to use our service and you must comply with all of the rules and regulations that come with that account. Go to "How It Works" for more detail.

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Get Your Own Oracle Applications R12 Instances!

It is as easy as 1-2-3

If you are like me, you have been implementing Oracle Applications for several years. And over those years, you have always wanted to have your own personal copy of Oracle Applications that you can test new procedures or simply keep your skills sharp. However, technology and the limitations imposed by your own personal skill set has proven to be barriers to accomplishing that goal.

Now that technology has made it practical for individuals to have their own personal instance, you still lack the skills necessary to perform a complicated Oracle Financials install. You will have to either take the time and effort to become technical enough to install your own instance or find a DBA to install one for you. Let's face it. Most DBA's are too busy to find the spare time to install an instance for himslef let alone a friend. I know because I have asked. And as a functional consultant, you do not have the desire to become a DBA even if it is just to play one on TV.

Well, your problem has been solved.

Due to my inquisitive nature and the patience of Job, I have taken the time and effort to install the Oracle Financials R12 instance so that you do not have to. Well if you are a DBA you are saying big deal. I can do this in my sleep. That may be so. However, it took me, a functional/technical consultant with 17 years of experience, much longer to do it. The reasoning behind this endeavor is quite simple, it is worth it. Many times on projects, we only deal with certain aspects of say one or two modules. Depending on the length of projects, it could be years before we get the chance to implement that module again. In the interim, our skills could get a little rusty. As you know, in technology, this could be the difference between whether or not you get a contract or not.

The understanding of the fact that I needed my own personal instance to stay competitive(i.e. paid) coupled with the desire to gain more knowledge in my chosen field of endeavor drove me to embark upon the monumental task of installing my own instance. Well a couple of months later and a new found respect for those geeky guys that labor away so faithfully in those dark dungeons known as server rooms, I have finally completed the task. I know. You are saying that this guy is not that smart. Ok, you may be right about that. I wanted to quit several times. In fact, I did. I just kept coming back.

After the initial install, I completed several more installs of a Fresh install as well as a Vision install. I had to be sure that I had the process down so that I could duplicate it anytime.

Right now you are probably saying enough of the small talk. How is this boring story going to help me get my own instance? Well, upon completion of this task it dawned upon me that there are many other people like myself out there that would want their own instance but do not have the couple of months to spare to learn how to do an install. Here is what I am offering: I will do the install for you. that's right, I will be your own personal DBA for a day.

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How It Works...

Create an eDelivery Account with a temporary password

Submit Payment along with your account and shipping information to me

I download the software from Oracle eDelivery using your account and install on a portable hard drive.

Upon completion, I ship the portable hard drive to you along with installation instructions.

Estimated Time to Complete:

Total Time from start to finish: ~6 days

NOTE: We are not authorized to resell Oracle software. To do so would violate Oracle's copyright laws. In order to remain complient with Oracle's software policy, you must create your own eDelivery account and allow us to download and install the software on your behalf as a service. After the installation is complete, you can update your temporary password for security reasons.

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Portable Hard Drive vs Hosted Solution

My first approach was to host a Vision instance on my own servers and provide access to members. However, that proved impractical due to cost and time to implement. While looking for a more personal solution, I stumbled upon portable hard drive. In the past, 1 TB drives were bulky and were too cumbersome for traveling consultants. Upon further analysis, a portable solution makes better for several reasons:

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What Do You Get

Here's what you get:

VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts.

Currently, the guest operating system is a 32 bit Linux operating system configured to run on a Windows host with virtualization enabled.

List of Licensed Modules in the Fresh install:

Common Modules - AK Alert
Marketing Payables
Receivables Sales Foundation
Sales Online Sales Offline
Sales Order Capture
Oracle Sales for Handhelds TeleSales
Global Accounting Engine Application Implementation
Sales Intelligence Marketing Intelligence
Application BIS Service Intelligence
Web Application Desktop Integrator Bills of Material
Balanced Scorecard Telephony manager
Cash Management Supplier Scheduling
Capacity Service
Customer Care Install Base
Citizen Interaction Center Configurator
e-Commerce Gateway XML Gateway
E-Records Engineering
Assets Enterprise Performance Foundation
Financial Intelligence Application Object Library
Report Manager Federal Financials
Financial Consolidation Hub US Federal Human Resources
General Ledger Process Manufacturing Systems
Process Manufacturing Process Execution Process Manufacturing Product Development
Process Manufacturing Financials Process Manufacturing Inventory
Process Manufacturing Logistics Manufacturing Executive System for Process Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing Process Planning Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management
iAssets Content Manager
Payments Oracle iProcurement
Interaction Center Technology Scripting
Universal Work Queue Collections
Public Sector Financials International Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics
Supply Chain Localizations CRM Foundation
Mobile Application Foundation Master Scheduling/MRP
Contracts Core Contracts Intelligence
Service Contracts Contracts Integration
Order Management Projects
Human Resources Oracle Profitability Manager
Project Intelligence Project Manufacturing
Purchasing Purchasing Intelligence
Public Sector HR Public Sector Financials
Public Sector Budgeting Labor Distribution
Quality Advanced Pricing
Risk Management Application Report Generator
SSP Work in Process
Shipping Execution XML Publisher
Treasury Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
E-Business Tax

List of Shared Modules in the Fresh install:

Applications DBA Marketing Encyclopedia System
CRM gateway for Mobile Devices Application Utilities
Advanced Benefits Interaction Center Intelligence
Depot Repair Field Service
Capital Resource Logistics - Assets DateTrack
FastFormula Flow Manufacturing
Grants Accounting Human Resource Intelligence
iStore Email Center
Manufacturing Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Operations Intelligence Payroll
Process Manufacturing Intelligence Applications Shared Technology
Subledger Accounting

Each Oracle Application instance is scripted to start and stop automatically each time you power up and power down each machine. Once you follow the simple installation instructions, running your own personal instance will be like running any other application on your laptop or desktop. You do not have to be technical to maintain. With VirtualBox, you can easily roll back to any snapshot with a simple click of a button. Once the server is running, you connect to it like any other Oracle instance.

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System Requirements

In order to run VirtualBox on your machine, you need:

For more information regarding Oracle VirtualBox go to The version that was used to install your instance will be included on the portable drive. There should not be anything to download. If there is a later version available, you will be automatically notified to download and install.

For more information regarding updating your BIOS to enable virtualation, consult your help files for your specific operating system.

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Let's Get Started

OK. I am convinced. I am ready to get my very own Oracle Instance. What do I need to do to get this started?

Create an eDelivery Account with a temporary password

  • Go to and create an account. Be sure to create a password that you will change immediately after I have downloaded the software. It usually takes about 24 hours or less to hear back from Oracle.
  • Once you have received the confirmation email, forward that email along with your username and password along to I will validate that the account is valid. Once I have validated the account, I will send you an email.
  • Once you receive the email proceed to step 2 below.

I know, I know. This seems like it is a convoluted process. However, this must be done. I am not an authorized reseller of Oracle's software. You are not buying software from me. I am selling a service. That service is the installation and configuration of an Oracle instance on your behalf. Once you receive your Oracle instance, you must comply with all rules and regulations that come with that instance.

Submit Payment along with your account and shipping information to me

Submit your payment in the form below for the following services:

$500.00 Download, Install and configure one Fresh and one Vision instance of Oracle E-Business R12.
$100.00 One 1TB Seagate Portable Hard Drive
(or similar)
$50.00 FedEx 2nd Day Shipping to anywhere in the US.
$650.00 Total Amount

Email Address

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You get a 20% discount on all current and future Oracle Financials training.

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100% 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, you can return the hard drive and we will refund 100% of your money less shipping and handling within 30 Days no questions asked.

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